Designers' Workshop of TexTailor Expo 2019 - TEXTAILOR EXPO - International Exhibition for Tailoring and Textile Industry

Designers' Workshop of TexTailor Expo 2019


During TexTailor Expo 2019 (7th – 9th November) the outstanding designer Ivan Donev* who lives and works in Italy, and is world-famous, taught the young designers not only to create their own models but also how to build-up their vision and present own collections in the most spectacular way! The stylist will present to all attendees (young designers and established designers who wish to refresh their skills):

-          “TAILOR YOUR MIND” – designers contest for young designers. Mr. Donev clarified the competition regulations and how contestants should prepare for their best and most successful participation at all stages.

-          A presentation on different fibers and their characteristics (graphical and experimental demonstration)

-          A brief history of fashion and its evolution during different periods of the last century

-          How to create their own moodboard and BOOK (presentation and demonstration – of significant importance for competitors in “TAILOR YOUR MIND”)

-          3D mannequin modelling (an Haute Couture demonstration on French mannequin)

-          Apparel (in this part, some of the secrets of ready-to-wear dress up will be revealed – essential for both external and internal beauty of the clothing)

During the second day of the workshop all attendees had the opportunity to recreate and implement everything they have learned, and all exhibitors and visitors  enjoyed the workshop as one-of-a-kind “open lesson”.

*Ivan Donev is a 31-years-old designer, born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and has been recognised by the Italian media as “the adopted stylist of the Italian Haute Couture”. He is a proud winner of the “Golden Needle”, Bulgaria in the category "Designer of the year" for 2018 as well as of many international designer contests.