Motivational speech "Explore and Collect Serendipity. Sustainability in Fashion." - TEXTAILOR EXPO - International Exhibition for Tailoring and Textile Industry

Motivational speech "Explore and Collect Serendipity. Sustainability in Fashion."

"Explore and Collect Serendipity. Sustainability in Fashion."
Motivational speech by the designer Paulina Tsvetanova

About Paulina Tsvetanova

PAULINA'S FRIENDS is the name of the heart project of the 35-year-old art historian, fashion designer, inspirer, identity coach and author of Bulgarian origin Paulina Tsvetanova. The whole thing started as a creative agency for contemporary art, design and vintage fashion in the concept mall Bikini Berlin. After that Paulina moved the art gallery PAULINA'S FREUNDS (later called “serendipity store”) to the downtown of Berlin. The focus is on extraordinary emotional concepts and the personality of the customers behind the wearable art fashion with the label PAULINA'S FRIENDS. The principle of success is playing with eclecticism and lucky coincidence. More about PAULINAS FRIENDS FASHION:

Content of Paulina's inspirational speech:

Focus on empowering young female entrepreneurs to stand for your life dream

1.  My background: emigration from Bulgaria, university, working hard to survive, existential struggles)

2.  How I stumbled into entrepreneurship;creating values out of necessity. PAULINA'S FRIENDS in change:
  • Concept Store in Bikini Berlin for contemporary art, design & vintage fashion
  • Creative Agency & moving to a contemporary art gallery in the downtown of Berlin, interactive fotoshootings & films, f.e. beyond gender
  • Discovering my childhood dream of being a fashion designer & writer, everything before this turned to be a wrong direction, publishing 2 books, working on the 3rd
3.  The principle of Serendipity in Business & Life: trust the process, create, connect & cultivate serendipity

4.  The future: closing the Zufallsladen/Serendipity Store and new start „only“ with fashion, books & as a motivations speaker (f.e. as a role model in the annual female entrepreneurship summit in Nepal 2019), selling my „producs“ with collaboration partners

5.   Sustainability in fashion from my point of view, example project „#iwearmyselfbeyonddeath“

6.  Summary of my success rules/learnings as give aways for young entrepreneurs

Time: 13.00 - 14.00 08.11.2019
Venue: Exhibition Hall 13, presentation room

Credits: Stoyan Iliev