Young Designer Competition "Tailor Your Mind" - TEXTAILOR EXPO - International Exhibition for Tailoring and Textile Industry

Young Designer Competition "Tailor Your Mind"

Discovering and promoting new talents in fashion is one of the main goals, challenges and visions of TEXTAILOR EXPO. The TAILOR YOUR MIND competition will open up and showcase to the most promising national and international young fashion designers and will rely on the development of emerging brands. The competition will continue one year, starting from 07.11.2019, during International Textile and Fashion Exhibition TEXTAILOR EXPO 2019, at the International Fair Plovdiv, Plovdiv.


In the first edition of the competition we would like to read, feel, dress and know your hidden "I". With maximum freedom for creativity, but also with strong consideration for market competitiveness, we want to provoke each and every one of you to create your own fashion image, to show what your brand philosophy will be through which your audience will recognize you and your product.

Over the years, big brands have taught us to recognize them without even reading their label, to embody their stories narrated to us, and to follow the trends that determine each one of us to the defined social groups. TAILOR YOUR MIND asks you to speak the language of fashion, to lead a dialogue where words are superfluous and leave your creations to speak instead you.


To create a platform for expression of young fashion talents, to establish links between the educational institutions of fashion, design and textiles in Europe, to expand the circle of contacts of designers, to enrich the fashion vision and quality of performance in Bulgaria, to promote TEXTAILOR EXPO and the Bulgarian manufacturers of textiles and materials, to provide a platform for exchange of students between universities by providing an opportunity for exhibitors to meet potential trainees in the face of participants in the competition.


The participants will be divided into two age categories - the first one - "JUNIOR", includes pupils, and the second - "SENIOR", includes students and young designers up to 35 years old.
The TAILOR YOUR MIND competition will be divided into three stages for each age group as follows:

First stage
- Preparation and presentation of original author's project
- Evaluation and grading the finalists

Second stage
- Implementation of mini collection and / or textile pattern design (“SENIOR”) *
- T-shirt and textile pattern design ("JUNIOR") *
Stage Three
Final and awarding of the winners in the competition

- Registration for participation by December 15, 2019;
- Submit original draft by 31 March 2020;
- Evaluation and grading of the finalists by 30 April 2020;
- Informing participants of the outcome by 15 May 2020;
- Realization of mini collection and / or textile pattern design (“SENIOR”) or realization of T-shirt and textile pattern design (“JUNIOR”);
- Submission of completed projects not later than 10 October 2020;
- Preparation of a lookbook for each collection from 20 to 31 October 2020;
- The finals and announcement of the winners in each category will take place at the next edition of TEXTAILOR EXPO 2020 in November 2020.

You can download the Terms and Conditions for participation in the competition from here: Terms and Conditions 
The registration form is available here: Registration form TAILOR YOUR MIND

If you would like to take part in the competition, please send form, filled-in, signed and scanned with your signature to: not later than 15.12.2019