TexTailor Expo 2019 Final Report - TEXTAILOR EXPO - International Exhibition for Tailoring and Textile Industry

TexTailor Expo 2019 Final Report


The International Exhibition for Textile and fashion TEXTAILOR EXPO 2019 was held from 07 to 09 November 2019. The exhibition is highly appreciated for daring to combine and present in one place textile machines and fashion, mass-produced products and hand-made items, established brands and startups, meet pupils, students and young designers with world-renowned stylists to transfer experience and skills at Creative Lab, to shelter business conversations and professional training.

Exhibitors: In its second edition TEXTAILOR EXPO attracted 82 exhibitors from 8 countries - Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Spain, China, Romania, Turkey and the Netherlands

Visitors - 2500+ specialized visitors from 16 countries: Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, China, North Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Sweden.

Profile: The main visitors' profile - owners and managers of textile industry enterprises, retailers, decision makers, specialists and professionals from the industry. The exhibition was also visited by representatives of the academic community and the scientific and technical circles.

Download the Final Report from HERE.