Visitors - TEXTAILOR EXPO - International Exhibition for Tailoring and Textile Industry


The organizers of the fair implement active campaign to attract business visitors to the exhibition. Expected visitors from the following fields:
  • Manufacturers of textiles, knitwear, clothing and leather from Bulgaria and the Balkan countries;
  • Representatives of and buyers from the major markets Germany, France, Italy, Greece, the United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries and others;
  • Wholesalers and retailers of textiles, threads and leather goods from Bulgaria and the Balkan region;
  • Professionals from the industry, representatives of the respective schools and universities. 
The first edition of the fair TexTailorExpo 2019 was visited by more than 2500 business professionals from the fashion and textile industry. The visitors were from 16 countries: Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, China, North Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Sweden.

Profile: The main visitors' profile - owners and managers of textile industry enterprises, retailers, decision makers, specialists and professionals from the industry. The exhibition was also visited by representatives of the academic community and the scientific and technical circles.